The 3 Times in Your Life You Will Need a Lawyer

The 3 Times in Your Life You Will Need a Lawyer

There are many occasions in life when you will definitely need the help of an experienced and competent lawyer. There are some minor offenses, such as exceeding set speed limits, which you can handle without the support of a legal expert. Such offenses have clearly defined fines or charges that are known to the public, which you can handle on your own.

However, some cases you will encounter in life that are more complicated and any attempt to represent yourself in court is courting a disaster. Most complex cases require a lot of research, clear understanding of all applicable laws, and even the ability to present evidence in an organized and compelling manner. Discussed herein are three times in your life that you will need a need not just any lawyer, but a competent one.

1. When facing Criminal Charges

Criminals such as robbers, murderers, rapists, and perpetrators of all sorts of crimes are societal misfits and belong behind the bars. However, did you know that a sizeable number of convicts are genuinely innocent? At some point in your life, someone might accuse you of handling a stolen property or maybe roughed up at a scene of crime by the police and accused of participating in an unlawful activity. Well, you are innocent, but the moment you are presented in court, the prosecutors will package you as a criminal. Unfortunately, judges’ decisions are entirely pegged on the evidence presented in court. You have to let a lawyer defend you and convince the court about your innocence.

2. During Business Transactions

Are you planning of starting a new business? Maybe you own a business but would like to expand it by partnering with another party. Or, you want to purchase an existing business from another person or company. Most business transactions are lengthy, tiresome and complicated. They require a lot of paperwork and you just can’t manage it on your own. Whenever you transact any kind of business, don’t put pen on paper without the review and approval of a lawyer. Someone will insert a clause into an agreement that you may regret later. With a lawyer, that can easily be fished out.  Here are some more instances when you will need a business attorney.

3. Divorce

Marriage is beautiful when it lasts, but divorce is painful. That is the point in life when spouses turn to enemies. Love will disappear and your spouse will come after your property and demand for the custody of the kids (if they’re minors). You risk losing your hard-earned cash to someone whose best investment in your life might have been that signature on your marriage certificate. Any sensible man or woman will not dare argue a divorce case without the able representation of a divorce lawyer. You will have your peace of mind during the proceedings, protect your rights and wealth and ensure that your children’s rights are protected from a possible bitter, self-centered former husband or wife. Well, not all divorce cases are dramatic, but very few are settled without a fight anyway.

When engaging the services of a lawyer, it is always important to find one that specializes in the specific field. A commercial litigator, for example, will not add any value to your divorce case. Find out about the level of experience handling similar cases, their success rate, passion for what they do, and of course charges. Lawyers are your best friends whenever you are faced with legal tussles, embrace them.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

DUI refers to a criminal offense committed when one is operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other recreational drugs. Up until recently, Driving Under the Influence was a crime that many did not often take seriously but when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put the total number of alcohol-related collisions at 17,941 which represented 40% of all traffic-related deaths in that year, the attitudes changed drastically.

DUI, especially among the youth is not an off chance occurrence but when you get arrested and charged for it, hiring an attorney will go a long way in helping you get through the rigorous legal process. But what exactly are the roles of an attorney?

Familiarity With Court Process

This is a basic importance of hiring a DUI lawyer. The experience the lawyer has in court processes will come in handy, especially where you need to be briefed on how to comport yourself during the court proceedings.

The lawyer will introduce you to the various parties in your case, advise you on other intricate details such as how to address each one of them and basically, transact your case with the professionalism expected in a typical DUI court proceeding. Without the DUI lawyer familiarizing you with various court processes, you could even stand a risk of having further charges preferred against you such as contempt of court, thereby compounding your already bad situation.

The Lawyer Understands The Legalese Of Your Case

The legal industry is full of jargon that simply needs an expert in the industry to help digest further. For example, one characteristic of DUI offenses is a plea bargain. A plea bargain is basically an agreement between you and the prosecutor, which will see you pleading guilty in exchange for specified concessions from the prosecution team.

Plea bargains help a lot in DUI offenses, especially if we are dealing with minor cases of collisions and impacts. Your lawyer will help you understand the costs of pleading not guilty to your offense against the benefits of accepting a plea bargain. It is the understanding of such legalese that makes lawyer so relevant in your DUI case.

Navigating The Complex Administrative Issues

Your DUI lawyer is not only responsible for legal representation; they are also instrumental when it comes to facilitating various administrative issues relating to your case. For example, when you are released on bail, it is the duty of your lawyer to ensure the entire sum set as bail is paid and any receipts thereof are secured for your future appearance in court.

Also, the lawyer will come in handy when negotiating hearing dates so as to ensure the dates so set do not interfere with your personal arrangements as their client.

Are You A Repeat Offender?

For repeat DUI offenses, penalties are bound to be stiffer so there couldn’t be a better tile to hire a DUI lawyer than this. Repeat offenders are always at pains to justify their actions, especially if previous offenses simply ended up in court warnings. In such situations, only your lawyer can convince the court that your repeated engagement in the crime was totally beyond human control.